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5 Driving Habits That Affect My Vehicle's Maintenance Schedule

The long and short of it: yes, your driving habits affect your vehicle's maintenance schedule. Although driving styles differ, some will necessitate more frequent maintenance. Have a look at some examples.

Quick acceleration

Speeding places strain on your vehicle's engine, transmission system, and wheels, leading to quicker wear and tear. Additionally, rapid acceleration will increase your fuel consumption and further negatively impact your budget.

The solution is to accelerate gradually and maintain a constant speed.

Riding the brake

Some drivers apply constant pressure to the break, ever so lightly, to reduce speed. Continuous breaking will negatively impact your brake's lifetime as well as the longevity of your vehicle's brake fluid. The outcome will be quicker wear and even failure to brake.

It is better to brake in short bursts or reduce your overall speed by changing gear to save the brakes and prevent overheating.

Shifting without stopping

Shifting gear while the car isn't at a complete halt, especially from reverse to forward or oppositely, puts immense strain on your car's transmission and can lead to a quick decline or even total failure.

Always make sure that the car is still before changing gears.

Delaying a refuel

Driving your vehicle to the limit of its fuel tank before refuelling spells trouble for your engine, which will necessitate more frequent maintenance of your car's fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors.

Instead, refill sooner than later to both save your engine from sediment build-up and avoid the risk of running out of fuel and getting stranded.


Vehicles that aren't used frequently, for example, those in storage or even cars that only make short trips, will suffer maintenance issues in the future as their parts dry out and perish without regular use.

It is best to ensure that your car has at least one run around the block once a month to stretch its gears and wet its seals again.

All cars need maintenance at some point in time, but it is equally valid that your driving habits will determine how frequently your vehicle will need maintenance.

If you need car maintenance performed, give our auto repair shop a call today!