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Essentials Every Student Commuter Should Have In Their Car

The fall semester is in full swing, and if you are a commuting college student, we hope you've adjusted to the parking situation by now. Operating a car on a chaotic campus can be stressful, so preparing yourself for the worst situations is necessary. Mechanical car problems should be the least of your concerns when you have classes to attend and exams to study for. We've made a list of items to pack in your car to (hopefully) ease the headaches of being a college student: 

Variety of Chargers - For Millenials and Gen Z, a dead phone or computer is equivalent to the end of the world. We recommend packing various charging devices to ensure you can get that extra juice throughout the school day.

Jumper Cables - These bright-colored cables are a necessity for all drivers, not just students. You never know when you may encounter a dead battery at school or any other place away from your apartment or home.

First Aid Kit - This is pretty much self-explanatory, but you can never be sure of an accidental injury. 

Emergency Contact Numbers - You can never be too prepared, so it's safe to have phone numbers at the ready (towing services, auto repair shops, etc.) to call in case of an emergency, breakdown, or collision.

Weather-Proof Items - The weather will start to change up sooner than you know it. You should be ready to take on any wet or freezing conditions when going to or from school. We highly suggest you pack extra sweaters, jackets, and umbrellas in case you forget one at home.

Parking Permit - Nothing is worse than getting a parking ticket because you misplaced your parking pass. You shouldn't worry if it's a sticker, but if it's something that can be easily lost, like a hanging tag, then please do your best to keep track of it. 


We hope that our list of back-to-school care essentials will help you feel more confident and prepared for the school year! The most important things you can do for your safety at university are to practice defensive driving and take proper care of your vehicle. If you require any auto maintenance or repairs, feel free to give X-tra Mile Auto Care a call or visit soon!