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Get Your Car Ready For Summer

Your vehicle has different maintenance needs in winter and summer. Let's look at what you can do to get your car summer-ready.

1. Change your oil and oil filter changed

You should only do this if you know your way around the vehicle's hood; we don't want to pull anything that should not be removed. Each car has unique oil needs that your mechanic can assess and sort out. If your car maintenance light is on, it's time to get an appointment at the repair shop.

2. Remove your Winter Tires


It's time to get rid of your winter tires because you'll need them next winter. Install your summer or all-season tires instead and check the air pressure before taking them for a spin. You can have this done at our repair shop for extra services like wheel balancing and alignment. 

3. Inspect Your AC system


The last thing you want in the hot summer months is to sit in a blisteringly hot car or get a heat stroke leading to accidents. Sometimes driving with the windows down just doesn't cut it, which is why you should give us a call and schedule an appointment to repair any malfunctioning AC systems.

4. Check Under the Hood


There are a few things that get your undivided attention. They include the coolant, brake fluid, and battery. Your coolant should be clear, not cloudy, and it should also be above the minimum level. If your brake fluid is low, you should take the car to the shop for inspection because low levels often indicate underlying issues. Your battery should not have too much corrosion buildup. Most modern car batteries are primarily maintenance-free.

5. Get your Car deep Cleaned


Summer heat can make a dirty car smell ripe. A car detail will ensure your car smells nice regardless of how hot it gets. It will also help your car exterior and undercarriage recover from road salt and snow exposure.

If you need help getting your car summer-ready, let us take the stress of it off your hands. Bring your vehicle to X-tra Mile Auto Care and get the best maintenance and repair services in town today!