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How Can I Get 200k Out of My Existing Vehicle?

Driving cars for over 200,000 miles isn't unusual nowadays. The average age of vehicles on the road is approaching twelve years. There are advantages to keeping a vehicle for a long time, including money and environmental issues. Besides, that vehicle may be your favorite of all time. Following are three tips on how to keep your vehicle going strong for 200,000 miles and more.

Buy a Reliable Vehicle

Start with a reliable vehicle and it will be easier to keep it on the road. Many resources rank both new and used vehicles on safety and reliability but you can also trust your instincts. Does the interior have an odd smell? Are there visible rust or dents? You may want to take the vehicle to a trusted mechanic to look for signs of wear and tear you may have missed. Doing your due diligence before purchasing a vehicle will pay off in the long run.


Every vehicle comes with a maintenance schedule that should be followed. Perhaps you want to perform some of the maintenance yourself like checking tire pressure, or oil and fluid levels. Even changing windshield wiper blades and filters are tasks some owners like to complete. However, some maintenance should be completed by a trusted mechanic, especially if a check engine light has come up. Safety features like brake pad checks should also be performed routinely. This is not the time to skimp on replacement parts or proper fluid replacement. Off-brands could cause damage to your vehicle and void any warranties.

Good Driving Habits

Practice good driving habits. Smooth driving with controlled acceleration and deceleration proves you know your vehicle's performance levels and saves on fuel costs too. Hard braking or keeping your foot on the brake pedal when driving can wear out your brake pads. Shifting gears before a complete stop is hard on the transmission. Watch out for speed bumps and potholes because those dips and bumps are hard on your car. Practicing good driving habits will help your vehicle stay on the road longer.

Choosing a reliable vehicle, proper maintenance, and good driving habits all add years to your vehicle life. If you're looking for vehicle repair or maintenance, give our auto repair shop a call today!