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Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle’s Exterior Lighting

A vehicle’s exterior lighting is one of the most important safety features of a car. The headlights provide the primary lighting for night driving, while brake lights communicate to other drivers when you’re stopping or slowing down. For these two reasons alone, these sets of lights should always be functioning whenever operating your vehicle. Luckily, headlight maintenance is relatively easy to manage, and even major repairs don’t take that long. Here are some of our top tips for headlight and brake light maintenance for your car:



The first step to light care is to do frequent inspections of the lights. It can be as straightforward as a walk-around where you check the lights for any failures, dimness, and cracks. For your brake lights, it can be beneficial to ask someone to take note while you step on the brake pedal. If it looks filthy, out of order, or needs replacing, be sure to take action immediately.



When it comes to headlights and brake lights, you must keep them clean, so they are not fuzzy. This is especially important for headlights. Having soft lighting can severely affect your visibility at night when the headlights are in operation. If your lights are dirty or foggy, give them a meticulous cleaning. You can purchase some products to restore extremely cloudy headlights to a more transparent, brighter light.



In the situation where the headlight or taillight has been cracked, damaged, or no longer functioning, you’ll need to repair them as soon as possible. Driving with a broken headlight or brake light can lead to a ticket or, worse, a fatal accident. 


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