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My Heater Isn’t Working - What Could Be The Issue?

Having a good heater can make a big difference in the cold winter days. Most drivers aren't worried about it being a problem, but what happens when it stops working? While causes may vary it is a much more common issue then you would think. Here you will find some answers to why it happens and how to stop it from repeating itself.

Coolant Problems

The heating unit in your car depends on coolant to work. If it isn’t filled up or has completely dried out, hot liquid can’t travel to the heater core and warm up the air around it. That's why you should keep an eye on your coolant level, especially in the winter. Be sure to have it checked regularly so you can avoid this from happening.

Broken Thermostat

Your car has sensors all over it, from front to back and one of them is called a thermostat, and its job is to track the temperature. This is the most common issue that causes problems in the AC and heating, not only that but with the engine as well. Without this sensor, your vehicle doesn’t know when to open and close the valves for the coolant, which can cause your engine to overheat. Even the slightest change in temperature can make a big difference, so we advise you to go and get it checked out before you do anything else.

Faulty Heater Fan

To put it simply, when your heating is turned on the fan should be working as well. If it is broken, the hot air can’t travel through the air conditioning system. Two things can go wrong, either a broken fan blade or a short-circuited electric motor. If a fan blade is broken you can experience a smaller amount of air coming to the cabin, but if the motor is damaged, there won't be any at all. 

Leak In The Radiator

All the liquid in your vehicle's cooling system passes through the radiator. Overtime metal can thin out and puncture which leads to leaks. Not having heating is not the worst that can happen. If there is nothing to cool the engine off, it’s prone to overheating. The easiest way to check for leaks is to see if there are any puddles or, in the winter, anything frozen under the front bumper. 

If you don't want to guess or need repairs, the team at X-tra Mile Auto Care will be glad to help! Our team consists of specialists of all kinds, including air conditioning and heating specialists!