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Should I Consider an Overhaul after a Certain Mileage?

Should I Consider an Overhaul after a Certain Mileage? | X-tra Mile Auto Care

As the miles add up on the odometer, a question starts to nibble at you – should I consider a complete overhaul after a certain mileage? It's a dilemma faced by many car owners, and today, we embark on a journey to unravel the mysteries behind the mileage overhaul conundrum. Necessity or just a myth - continue reading and find out!

Mileage Matters, But How Much?

Before we dive into the overhaul debate, let's address the elephant in the room: mileage. It's true that as your car accumulates miles, wear and tear becomes inevitable. However, the threshold for when an overhaul becomes necessary is not set in stone. It's a complex decision influenced by various factors.

Maintenance Matters

Regular maintenance is the key to prolonging your vehicle's life. If you've diligently followed your car's maintenance schedule, it can withstand higher mileage without major issues.

Driving Habits

How and where you drive also plays a significant role. Gentle highway miles are less taxing on your vehicle than stop-and-go city traffic.

Vehicle Type

Different vehicles have varying lifespans. A well-built car can last longer than a subpar one. Luxury cars, for example, are often engineered for longevity.

Some Common Signs That It's Time for an Overhaul

Instead of relying solely on mileage as your guide, pay attention to your vehicle's behavior. Here are some telltale signs that an overhaul might be on the horizon:

Excessive Oil Consumption

If your engine is guzzling oil like it's going out of style, it might be a sign of worn-out components that need attention.

Loss of Power

Have you noticed a significant drop in power and performance? It could be due to engine wear or other internal issues.

Frequent Breakdowns

When your car has become a regular at the repair shop, it's a sign that something deeper might be amiss, and an overhaul can help with that quite a lot.

Unusual Noises

A car making strange, persistent noises that go beyond the usual hums and purrs could be a sign of significant wear and tear. Clunks, knocks, or rattles could indicate problems with the engine, suspension, or other critical components.

Decreased Fuel Efficiency

Have you noticed a significant drop in your vehicle's fuel efficiency despite maintaining good driving habits and using the right fuel? It may be a sign that your engine is no longer operating efficiently. 

Scheduling for an overhaul procedure is simple here at X-tra Mile Auto Care. Call us or simply book through our website with a few clicks! We will breathe life into your engine after all those miles.