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Signs It’s Time for a Fuel System Cleaning

A car's fuel system is an essential component that requires regular maintenance. Periodically checking the fuel system ensures that all system components are clear of dirt and debris coming from normal wear and tear. The condition of your car's fuel system has a big impact on performance and fuel consumption. Below are the signs that your fuel system needs cleaning.

Poor Gas Mileage

If your engine does not receive sufficient fuel for the air/fuel mixture, it will burn more fuel. It may seem that blocked injectors would enhance fuel economy since less fuel is being forced through, but this is not the case. The fuel-deprived engine will consume more fuel to operate.

Misfiring Engine

Your car's engine may misfire if the injectors are clogged or dirty. If this happens, it will seem like your engine is sputtering, which may cause your car to shake or lurch when driving. Your engine is sputtering and misfiring because the fuel injectors aren't supplying enough fuel for the air/fuel mixture.

Decline in Performance

When the performance of a car decreases, it is quite probable that the engine is not achieving its optimal level of combustion. This scenario illustrates that the engine is not getting the proportion of air and fuel that is balanced to ensure full combustion.

Stuttering Tachometer Needle

This is an unusual yet typical symptom of clogged injectors. If your injectors are blocked, the tachometer (the indicator that indicates how many RPMs your car is producing) will dance higher and lower. This is due to the erratic fuel flow affecting the car's RPMs.

Rough Idling

When your car is idle, the injectors should still supply fuel to the engine to prevent it from stalling. If your engine stalls or if it struggles to run, your fuel injectors may be clogged and not sending enough fuel. Additionally, if you step on the accelerator, your engine's idle may sound rough or violent. Idle engines should be smooth.

Acceleration Lag

If your engine is not getting sufficient fuel, you may experience acceleration lag. When you accelerate or start your vehicle from a stop, it will sputter and struggle for speed. In case the fuel pump is not pumping enough fuel into the engine, or if the fuel system is clogged, you will experience this issue.

Preventative Maintenance

In order for a vehicle to run, the fuel injection system must be in excellent operating order. To minimize blockages and their consequences, you should include fuel system cleaning in your preventive maintenance schedule. Most car manufacturers recommend fuel system cleaning every 15,000 miles. If you need fuel system repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to X-tra Mile Auto Care today!