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When Should You Get Your Power Steering Fluid Changed?

Most motorists know when to get their oil change done, but what about power steering fluid? Power steering is one of those fluids that is often overlooked or forgotten by most people. However, it is a hydraulic fluid that is necessary to power your steering system. Similar to your other essential fluids, changing out your power steering fluid is a necessary maintenance practice. Though your power steering solution doesn't burn off with combustion like oil, it can get dirty, contaminated, and become ineffective with use. When the power steering fluid gets filthy, it adds tension and stress to the power steering pump. In severe circumstances, your entire steering system can fail with inadequate power steering fluid.

3 Signs of Bad Power Steering Fluid

Dark or Contaminated Fluid - Open the hood and use your dipstick to inspect your power steering fluid. The color of good quality power steering fluid should be red. The solution itself should be clean and free of contaminants. If you notice that the liquid is dark, dirty, or has a burning scent, then your vehicle probably needs fresh power steering fluid.  

Unusual Sounds - Bad or old power steering fluid will undoubtedly negatively affect the power steering pump by putting more strain on the system. This extra work may cause your steering to be a loud experience. A squeaking or squealing powering system pump means that it's time to change your fluid.  

Vibrating, Jerky, or Stiff Steering Wheel - If the steering wheel is difficult to turn, the power steering fluid may be the culprit. A steering wheel that can't turn seamlessly can indicate that the liquid is in poor shape.

Power Steering Service in Stillwater, OK

It is recommended that you change your power steering fluid every 50,000-100,000. While this is an extensive range, the interval varies depending on usage and other external factors. You can refer to your owner's manual for the desired time of change. But, you should not wait until your vehicle takes damage before changing or flushing your power steering fluid. If you need a power steering inspection, please give X-tra Mile Auto Care a call or visit.