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Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel Stiff?

Brakes are the most important safety mechanism in a vehicle and should be routinely checked. An average driver uses their brakes over 75,000 times a year. Thus, it's no surprise that a brake system can get worn down or faulty. There are several problems that can cause a faulty brake system, fluid leaks, and a weak flex line are just two examples that can have a dramatic impact on system function.

Have you Checked Your Brake Fluid?

Sometimes brake fluid can absorb water and form a sludge that can clog your brake system. An easy way to check if this is the case is to locate your brake fluid reservoir and scrape a clean screwdriver across the bottom. If the screwdriver comes out with a residue or sludge on it then you'll need to flush and replace your brake fluid. However, If replacing your brake fluid didn't solve the issue, a stiff brake pedal is usually the result of a problem with the power assist mechanism.

Why Do Brake Pedals Go Stiff?

A stiff brake pedal is very dangerous because it can make breaking hard or even impossible. This happens when the power assist mechanism fails due to problems with its vacuum or hydraulic system. Vacuum boosters are included in most trucks and cars and help provide assistance to the driver for easy effort when breaking. If the vacuum system is disconnected, broken, or blocked it will result in a loss of vacuum and therefore be unable to assist the driver. Generally, if the brake pedal is hard to push but the braking system still works it is because there is a problem with the power assist mechanism and not another mechanism. Nonetheless, If the pedal is stiff and the breaks do not work then there is likely another mechanical issue.

We understand how overwhelming car repair is, especially on something as important as your breaks. If you need help replacing brake fluid or need brake repair, come talk to our certified mechanics and bring your vehicle to X-tra Mile Auto Care soon.