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Why Does My Car A/C Reek?

Even though it's September, most Stillwater residents still heavily rely on our vehicle's air conditioning. Temperatures still rise well over 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and our first instinct is to crank up the A/C. Sometimes, when you crank it up high enough, you may catch a foul odor resembling dirty gym socks from your A/C cent. A musty funk from your A/C is definitely not normal. Usually, when this happens, it means that you've got an excessive buildup of foreign substances like mold, fungus and/or bacteria in your unit. YUCK!


How To Get Rid of the Odor

Since this putrid smell coming out of your A/C vent is relatively common, there are specific steps you can take to get this stench out of your car quickly. 

Step 1 – The first step is to use a clean air evaporator cleaner. This method is a foaming detergent that will seep into your car's evaporator and attempt to break down the mold and other foreign substances that are causing the smell. This cleaner will eliminate the odor and increase the evaporator's efficiency, allowing you to have better airflow!

Step 2 – If the clean air evaporator cleaner doesn't alleviate the odor, you can try to change out the cabin air filter. The cabin air filter is accountable for purifying the air before it makes its way into the vehicle's cabin. Over time, the cabin filter can become jammed with dust and debris (and sometimes mold). Cabin filters can be a challenge to swap out, so technicians typically do the job. Our service team at X-tra Mile Auto Care would be glad to assist you with your cabin filter change!

Step 3 – If the smell persists, our skillful technicians are happy to uncover and fix the problem for you. A professional foaming system cleaner is one of the most efficient and effective ways to get a funky smell from your A/C vent.


A helpful tip to avoid this awful smell that we often tell customers is to switch between fresh air and recirculated air functions. This technique helps keep your car's HVA/C moisture-free. Switching between the two functions can cut down the condensation buildup on the evaporator, which will help prevent mold, fungus, and bacteria from developing.


If you're suffering from the odor or A/C malfunction, our expert team at X-tra Mile Auto Care would be happy to inspect the issue. Feel free to give us a call or visit today!