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Brake Services in Stillwater, OK

Your vehicle's brakes are its first line of defense against potential accidents on the road. Ensuring that your brakes are in optimal condition is crucial for your safety and the safety of everyone else on the road. At X-tra Mile Auto Care in Stillwater, OK, we understand the importance of reliable brakes, which is why we offer professional brake services to keep you stopping safely.

How Do Car Brakes Work

When you press the brake pedal, hydraulic fluid is sent through the brake lines to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders. This action forces the brake pads or shoes against the brake rotors or drums, creating friction and slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

Over time, the components of your braking system, including the brake pads, rotors, calipers, and brake fluid, can wear out or become damaged, compromising their effectiveness and safety. When this happens, bring your vehicle to X-tra Mile Auto Care for our wide range of brake services and repairs:

Brake Inspections

When you need a thorough inspection of your vehicle's braking system, stop by our auto repair shop so that our mechanics can assess the condition of the brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, and fluid.

Brake Pad Replacement

If your brake pads are worn down beyond a safe threshold, we'll replace them with high-quality, durable pads to restore optimal braking performance.

Brake Rotor Repair

If your brake rotors show signs of wear, warping, or damage, we can resurface them to remove imperfections or replace them with new rotors for more reliable braking.

Brake Caliper Repair

Faulty or sticking brake calipers can cause uneven braking, pulling to one side, or premature wear of brake components. We'll inspect, clean, and lubricate the calipers to ensure smooth operation and even brake wear.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid can become contaminated or degrade, leading to decreased braking performance. We'll flush out the old fluid and replace it with fresh, clean fluid to maintain proper brake operation.

Choose X-tra Mile Auto Care for Your Brake Service Needs

When it comes to your safety on the road, don't compromise. Our trained technicians at X-tra Mile Auto Care are very detail-oriented and won’t let any stone go unturned. We also provide 24/7 roadside assistance if your brakes put you in trouble. Plus, with our "no hassle" warranty on parts and labor, you can drive away with confidence, knowing that your brakes are covered.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment by giving our team a call or filling out our online form at your convenience.