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Oil Change in Stillwater, OK

Regular oil services are extremely important when it comes to proper vehicle maintenance. Oil changes performed at the necessary intervals will protect your vehicle’s engine, overall health, and allow our experts to inspect your vehicle to ensure that all other parts are working properly. At X-Tra Mile Auto Care, we offer a full-service Stillwater oil change for all makes and models of vehicles which includes an oil filter replacement and a bumper-to-bumper vehicle inspection. With every oil change, our complimentary inspection will catch any issues early on and keep you safe on the road with a reliable vehicle.

Why Do We Need Oil Changes

Clean motor oil is what protects your engine from overheating and corrosion by properly lubricating components while you drive. After a certain amount of mileage or time, the oil will become low and dirty from cleaning debris and grime from components. An oil change will replace the fluid and also replace the filter which helps to catch dirt as the oil is flowing through it.

Importance of Oil Changes

Check your owner’s manual for the exact mileage your car’s manufacturer recommends and don’t allow that mileage to pass without getting it done. Neglecting an oil change will result in causing stress and unnecessary wear on your engine, which could cause it to stop running well before its time. Replacing an entire engine is a very extensive repair to make as a result of failing to regularly change the oil.

More than just an Oil Change

When you bring your vehicle into our shop for a Stillwater oil change, you will get more than just a standard oil change. We guarantee that our trusted auto service shop uses all of the best equipment and products to make sure that we only use top-quality oil and filters for your vehicle.

If you need an oil change in Stillwater, OK, turn to the professionals here at X-Tra Mile Auto Care. Call us if you have any questions or schedule your next visit online today!