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When Do You Need a Brake Rotor Replacement

Brake Rotor Replacement in Stillwater, OK | X-tra Mile Auto Care

Brake rotors just like brake pads are important and crucial to the car's braking system. They need to be replaced as soon as any wearing is noticed. It is important that you know all the indicators of brake rotors in need of changing. We've listed some for you below.

Signs of Worn Out Brake Rotors

  1. Thin Brake Rotors - The physical thickness of brake rotors says a lot about their wearing. Turn brake rotors must be replaced as soon as possible.
  2. Loud Noises When Braking - The noises tend to be caused by corrosion and other worn-out components. This may also be due to the mechanical wear sensor that comes with most brake pads today. It is specifically designed to make audible noises when brake rotors are too thin and in need of replacement.
  3. Warped Brake Rotors - Warped brake pads are mostly caused by heat! Too much heat causes the surface of the brake rotors to become uneven and warped. Different brake rotors are created with different purposes the likes of riding on normal roads etc. If brake rotors made for one purpose are used for a different purpose, the pressure from this causes them to deform and to become uneven. This weakens brake performance as the brake pads are unable to grasp on to metal well. Warped brake pads are also caused through wear and tear. This also wears down the surface of brake rotors.

Many things lead to the wearing of your brake rotors, these include the way you drive and brake, corrosion and how long your rotors have been in use for.

Be cautious when driving and avoid harsh braking when your brake rotors have been in use for a while. So, if you need brake repair we invite you to bring your vehicle to the local experts at X-tra Mile Auto Care today!