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Why Is My Engine Misfiring?

There are many reasons why your car engine might be misfiring. It can be something as simple as a sensor or be much more complicated, involving the internal engine or electrical circuits. Regardless, it is vital to get your problem diagnosed and repaired by a professional mechanic. The X-tra Mile Auto Care team can give you a quick turnaround and prevent the damage from spreading to other important components.


Most Common Causes of an Engine Misfire

Unfortunately, there are many potential causes in why an engine is misfiring. Here are some of the issues that have been diagnosed in our auto repair shop in Stillwater, OK:

  1. Ignition system problems: When most people hear the term misfire, they immediately assume it is due to worn-out spark plugs. They don't realize that the spark plugs are only a tiny part of the ignition system—there are other parts, including the crankshaft position sensor, coils, and wiring.
  2. Air and fuel delivery difficulties: You may know that air and fuel are the two necessary parts to get your engine going. Any offset in the air and fuel, such as dirty fuel injectors, can generate a misfire.
  3. Engine mechanical problems: If the internal engine parts malfunction, such as cylinders and pistons, it can also cause misfiring.
  4. Sensor and module issues: Modern cars have more sensors than one can imagine. Of the many sensors, the powertrain control module (PCM) manages fuel delivery and spark timing. Although not as common, an issue with the PCM itself can cause a misfire.
  5. Control circuit problems: All input and output devices (sensors, ignition coil, etc.) are linked via electrical circuits. Any issues that may arise within these circuits, such as impaired wiring or a loose connection, can cause an engine misfire.

If you're experiencing random misfiring with your vehicle, please bring your car to the expert technicians at X-tra Mile Auto Care. We'll have your car back on the road safely in no time!